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We offer electrical panel upgrades in the Indianapolis area.

Why Would You Need a New Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel handles all of the electrical distribution of energy in your home. If your electrical panel isn't functioning properly, your home could be in danger. Rode Electrical Contracting, LLC offers electrical panel upgrades that will help keep your home safe.

There are many reasons why people get electrical panel upgrades. You typically need to schedule an electrical panel installation if you're:

  • Starting a home addition

  • Installing an appliance in your kitchen

  • Adding outlets to your home

  • Renovating your home, especially your kitchen

  • Installing a new HVAC unit

When you have more appliances in your home, you're going to be drawing more energy. Having an updated electrical panel will help all of your devices run correctly without adding stress on your electrical system. Call 317-607-5844 now if you recently installed a large appliance in your home.

Rely on our team to get the job done correctly.

Working on electrical systems is dangerous,
which is why you should trust professionals to

complete any electrical project in your home

or commercial building. Sometimes you need

an electrical panel upgrade because of voltage

requirements or updated insurance requirements

in your area.

Regardless of what work you need completed-our

team can handle it all. We can add a 240-volt

circuit or a sub-panel depending on your home's

needs. Contact us today to schedule an electrical

panel installation.

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