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Commercial electrical services for small businesses in the Indianapolis area.

Rely on Us When Your Business Needs an Electrician

Does your small business need a lighting upgrade? Rode Electrical Contracting, LLC offers commercial electrical services that will help brighten up your commercial space. We'll install all new light fixtures throughout your business. Instead of potentially putting yourself in danger, rely on our team to do the hard work for you. We also offer services to relocate outlets, troubleshooting a power loss or tripped circuit in your office.

We can efficiently complete any electrical project that you need in the Indianapolis area. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial electrical services.

Need lighting repairs or an installation?

Messing with your electrical system is dangerous.
Our team can complete any new or remodeling
project at your business, so you can stay safe. We
can repair and install any type of electrical
equipment that you may need.

Trust our team to handle all of your repairs and
installations safely. Schedule an appointment today
by calling 317-607-5844.

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